I was born in 1979 in Saint Louis, Missouri, and have been drawing and painting since the age of 4. After studying art in high school, I attended Washington University in Saint Louis, where I received formal training in visual communication with a concentration in illustration. I now reside in Chicago, Illinois with my wife Sarah and draw inspiration from the midwest as well as from travels to Europe, South America and Asia.

I work to combine traditional techniques with a bold, contemporary eye for color and composition. I have developed my style over the past 10 years, dividing my creative efforts between a full-time career in the advertising industry and building up my painting portfolio. I count Edward Hopper, The French Impressionists, The Taos Painters and a variety of current artists including Michael Flohr and Georges Coulomb as influences.

I work primarily in oil on either canvas or linen supports. I prefer to paint on location, “en plein air”, but also works from photographs when necessary. I welcome any commission requests or further inquiries regarding my work.